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FFT Solo Thundergod Speedrun Challenge



  1. Complete Chapter 1 as quickly as possible.
  2. Save immediately after the Fort Zeakden explosion.
  3. Take a screenshot of your save slot showing your level, game time, and Fort Zeakden location.
  4. Run multiple times! Try to get as low of a time as possible! Once you're comfortable with your time, submit it.
  5. Lowest in-game time wins. In the event of a tie, lower level and date closer to January 1 wins.
    Runs are expected to be completed in under 2 hours.

How to Patch

----Windows users ----
Go to
Under the patches section, download PPF-O-MATIC.
Verified to be working on Windows 10 as of 05/15/2019.

----Mac users----
You will need to download to patch an ISO located here:
This is a utility verified to be working on macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) as of 05/15/2019.

----Java PPF ----
On and as of 01/09/2019, I haven't been able to get the Java
version of PPF-o-matic to work properly; it keeps giving me errors regardless of how I generate
the PPF or what ISO I use. Tested and failed to patch on Windows and Linux. Don't use it.
Getting java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException.

Download the PPF file located below.

You must have an original FFT (vanilla) ISO. (ALWAYS keep a backup of the original!)
An original ISO cannot be provided due to copyright issues.
Formats verified to work: .img and .bin
Others should still work though as the data is the same.

* WARNING: THIS WILL PATCH THE ISO IN PLACE! Make a backup of the original ISO before you patch it!

Using PPF-O-MATIC/PPFApplier, apply the STSC.ppf to the original ISO to update the ISO in place.
Run the newly patched ISO with your favorite PS1 emulator!

Additional patching information can be found here (mostly for Windows users):

Download Link

Patch Information


Patch List
Patch Release Date Notes
1.0 2019-06-14
  • Initial release
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